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Janna Fackrell

Is the co-founder of Sacred Hearts along with her husband Cecil. She is also the owner of illuminessence, an all organic, holistic skincare- product company whose profits are donated

to Sacred Hearts for their work devoted to healing communities and particularly a space for honoring any opportunities to contribute to the healing of military veterans. Janna is a Light Worker who sits with clients in private sessions as well as leads many of the events at the center, and she makes it her business to be a friend and space for all beings. When she is not actively and directly involved in this path, she can be found acting in commercials, tending to the land, the dogs, her loving husband and family, the garden, and managing the AirBnB that's housed on the property. 

Work 1:1 with Janna 

Janna will be here to support you on your healing, expansion and growth in a loving way. We will begin with a Sacred Hapé Ceremony (optional) and then move into Intuitive Reading, Energy Healing and Finish with a Sound Bath. Sessions will last around 90 minutes.

Intuitive Readings ✨

I relate to intuition as a sense of knowing that comes from beyond concrete reasoning or logic. It's a gift we all have access to, and for me it has been cultivated through the practice of setting aside the ego-mind, getting quiet, connecting and listening deeply. It's remarkable what comes through when we practice listening. I've learned to lean into trusting and to open and receive whenever I need guidance, clarity, affirmations, and healing. It's all available for us! And I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to share with you, too.  As I have been on my spiritual path over the years I have noticed a growing sense of connection and communion with Spirit through my intuition.  

Sessions will be 60 - 90 minutes (pending if you add Hapé). For now they will be in person only and on Special for just $44 which will include Energy Healing as well (add $33 if you choose to do Hapé.) You will have the opportunity to ask specific or general questions, and we will connect to Spirit and your guides to receive any messages they wish to share with you.

You can schedule a session with me here.

Energy Healing 💫

During a session with me, I will channel universal life force (or healing energy) into a client to help balance, heal and remove blockages from the body. The human body encompasses an energetic “life force” and energy centers (chakras) that keep the body’s cells healthy, functioning and alive, we will work to restore balance to all of these centers. Flow, balance, harmony and vitality within the body can be restored and maintained during a session.


Sacred Hape Ceremony

I am also offering Sacred Hapé ceremony, either as a full session for $88 or in addition to your healing session for $33. 

Sacred Hapé Ceremonies are available for 1:1 or in a group setting. Picture sitting with this Sacred Medicine with your best friends, your partner, for your birthday party, the options are endless and I would love to be your facilitator for this sacred medicine.  

Book a group Hapé session here.

Sound Bath

Sound bath is an ancient practice dating back more than 2,000 years with roots in Tibet. In addition to relaxing the body and mind, a sound bath can balance the chakras by utilizing specific sound vibrations. Sound Healing can help calm the nervous system, ease depression and anxiety, boost creativity, deepens meditation and is therapeutic for chronic pain. Book a private Sound Bath.