Sacred Hearts Healing Center is a 501c3 non profit spiritual center dedicated to providing guidance & instruction using various healing modalities while providing a caring, peaceful, sacred atmosphere. Experience deep healing of the Mind, Body 

& Spirit that can only come from the depths of your own Sacred Heart.

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Every month we offer a traditional Inipi Purification Ceremony, which is the term for "Sweat Lodge" or "to live again". Inipi is a purification ceremony where we enter the lodge (the womb of Mother Earth) to be reborn. We have been taught and trained alongside natives to share these sacred spiritual gatherings. We hold them dear to our hearts. We truly respect the traditions and practices and share them so they can live on. Our land was blessed for us to share these ceremonies. These have become the spiritual practices of our community, our way of connecting to spirit and life. Our lodge is not connected with any other events we do at the center, it is completely separate and all are always welcome to join the ceremony, free of charge.

Community Lodges 

All are welcome 

Saturday, March 20th - 2pm

Saturday, April 17th - 2pm

Monthly Women's Circle

Sunday, March 14th - 2pm

Sunday, April 11th- 4pm

Veteran's Lodges

Military Veterans and those with PTSD

Saturday, April 3rd - 2pm

Drum Circles

A chance to come and learn sacred song.

Saturday, March 20th - 1:30pm

Saturday, April 17th - 1:30pm

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